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5th and 6th Grade Botany

During the spring months of the 5th grade, the girls study botany in science class. The unit starts with germination, which is the process of a seed developing into a young plant. Seeds are planted in the classroom, and the girls care for them and watch them grow into seedlings. The anatomy of a flower, the process of photosynthesis, and pollination are also explored. As the weather warms, the garden becomes central to the unit.  The beds are prepared, and crops, as well as the seedlings from the classroom, are planted. The girls care for the garden until the school year is completed. When the girls return to school in September as sixth graders, they see the result of their hard work and effort which is a beautiful garden. The girls harvest what they planted and donate the proceeds to an organization called Meals on Main Street in Portchester, New York.

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