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The Audubon and Sacred Heart


Audubon International

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program is an education and certification program designed to help organizations protect our environment. Sacred Heart Greenwich has partnered with Audubon international to implement an environmental management plan. In November 2022, the school passed certification and became official members of the program. Read more about our certification process on The Greenwich Time.

Audubon Certification Criteria

Site Assessment and Environmental Planning

  1. Site Assessment: The School's Site Assessment occurred April 2021. This assessment provides a current baseline of where our organization stands in regards to property management, land usage, and maintenance practices. 

  2. Environmental Plan: Gives an overview of our current management practices in regards to environmental management.  The plan allows Audubon & SHG to set goals & develop programs to enhance our protection & quality of our environment.

Wildlife and Habitat Management

  1. Planted Pollinator Garden:  Fall 2021

  2. Introduce Meadows & Natural Areas:  Summer 2021

  3. Tree & Shrub Planting:  Spring 2020

  4. Bird program & Audubon partnership:  Spring 2022

  5. Introduction of Honeybees:  Spring 2022

  6. Invasive Removal & Management  Winter 2022


  1. Auto sinks & toilets: Toilets before 2020, sinks in Summer 2020

  2. Wastewater treatment plant: Upgraded membranes in 2020 to become more efficient

  3. Bottle filling water fountains: Installed Summer 2020

  4. Drainage networks to protect wetlands: All parking lots & turf fields drain into collection & filtration units, rain gardens, etc. to eliminate excess runoff into wetlands

  5. WatchDog Meteorology Weather station installed to increase irrigation efficiency:  Installed Summer 2021

Resource Management

  1. LED lighting upgrades inside & outside. Installed Summer 2019

  2. Auto light sensors

  3. Upgraded control systems & equipment for efficiency of HVAC systems:  Summer 2020 & ongoing

  4. Recycling bins throughout & recycling of cardboard

  5. Composting: Started Fall 2020

Outreach and Education

  1. Mustardseeds program launches in Lower School (September 2020)

  2. Beekeeping (March 2022)

  3. Audubon Professional Learning for faculty (November 2021)

  4. All-School Earth Day Celebration (April 2022)

  5. Sustainability website launches (Spring 2022)

  6. NCGS presentation Girls as Environmental Stewards (June 2022)

Audubon Advisory Committee

Michael Baber

Richard Bernero
Pierre de St. Croix
Annette Grueterich
Marion Kieltyka
Marcie McDonald

Stefania Sicilia
Wil Smyers
Ellyn Stewart
Margaret Vondermeden
Kevin Williamson

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